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Welcome to River Doodles

Home raised Goldendoodles, AND now BERNEDOODLES, from our family to yours! 

See our newest Bernese Mountain Dog additions on The Parents page!


   Located in Brea of STizsaFace.jpegouthern California   


 I was raised surrounded by Labrador Retrievers, usually two or more at a time.  Our family dogs did everything with us including running, hiking, and camping.  For a few years, I strayed away from the breed and had two Rottweilers.  While, these were wonderful dogs, the athleticism, loyalty, and friendliness, ultimately brought me back to the retriever. 

However, even though Labrador Retrievers are short-haired dogs, the dog hair always managed to pile in the corners of my wood floors.  So through a little bit of research I discovered Goldendoodles; low to non-shedding dogs plus athletic, loyal, and intelligent!

In fact, our Goldendoodle has been such a hit with family and friends we decided to breed her.  We are not a large breeder that has many dogs in a kennel.  Our dogs live inside our home with us usually curled up at our feet.  Their puppies will receive the same loving treatment as they are handled many times a day and will be very well socialized when they leave for their new homes!     

 ~ Kelly

Meet The Parents 

Dam: Kiarra 

Kiarra, whose name means "beautiful river", is a wonderful, loyal family dog. 




Description                                                    Genetic Health Test Results
Breed: F1 Standard Goldendoodle       Hips: OFA Good
Color: Cream   Elbows: OFA Normal
Weight: 85 lbs    CERF:  Clear
Height: 25 inches at shoulders     






Dam: Moxie

Moxie, whose name means "courage", is a sweet and playful, dog with an old soul.    

 Puppy_party_069_701x467.jpg   Puppy_party_063-2_371x265.jpg
Description                                          Genetic Health Test Results
Breed:     F1 Mini Goldendoodle           Hips: OFA Good                         
Color:      Red with hazel eyes, liver nose= "carmel" color    Elbows: OFA Normal
Weight:   20 lbs     CERF:  Clear

Height:    13 inches at the shoulders



Dam: Luna  

Sweet Luna is an English Goldendoodle and is just so obedient and eager to please!  She joins us from Faithful Doodles.                                                                       


 Luna with her summer camping haircut!


Description  Genetic Health Test Results  
Breed: F1 Medium English Goldendoodle  Hips:  OFA Good    
Color: Cream  Elbows:  OFA Normal    
Weight: 40 lbs  CERF: Clear    
Height: 20 inches at shoulders      






 Dam: Lokelani

Lokelani was born on Valentine's Day and her name means "heavenly rose" in Hawaiian.  "Lani" lives with her wonderful Guardian Family in Orange.

 Lokelani5months.jpg                                                                                                                   Lani_sitting.jpeg                                       


Description Genetic Health Test Results
Breed:  F1b Medium Goldendoodle Hips:  OFA Good
Color:  Light Apricot Elbows:  OFA Normal
Weight: 40 lbs CERF: Clear
Height:  20 inches at shoulders  


Dam:  Teddie

This is our smallest little girl with a huge personality.  She is the perfect little lap dog, but can play just as hard as the big dogs.  And when she really wants your attention, she will walk on her two hind feet until you pick her up to give her love.  Such a sweetie!

033.jpeg  teddie_1yr_2.jpeg
 Description  Genetic Health Test Results
Breed: F1b Petite Goldendoodle Hips:  OFA Good
Color:  Red Elbows: OFA Normal
Weight:  9.5 lbs Eyes:  OFA Clear
Height:  12 inches at the shoulders  


Dam:  Lula

Lula is another one of our petite goldendoodles, but don't let her small size fool you.  This very intelligent girl has a big personality!  She is full of spunk but will settle right down into your lap.  Her coat soft, fleece coat is just gorgeous and you can't help run your fingers through it when she is on your lap!


033.jpeg teddie_1yr_2.jpeg
Description  Genetic Health Test Results 
Breed: F1b Petite Goldendoodle  Hips:  pending
Color:  Red Elbows: pending
Weight:  12 lbs Eyes:  OFA Clear 
Height:  12 inches at the shoulders  


Dam:  Lucy

Lucy_standing.jpeg Lucy_lying_down.jpeg
 Description Genetic Health Test Results

 Breed: Medium Multigen Goldendoodle

 Hips: OFA Good
 Color: Apricot  Elbow:  OFA Normal
 Weight: 38 lbs  Eyes:  Pending
 Height: 19 inches at the shoulders  


Dam: Zala

Named after the Zala River in south-western Hungary.

We are so excited to introduce one of our newest additions to our Doodle Family, Zala, a Bernese Moutain Dog!  We imported Zala directly from Hungary and couldn't be more pleased with this sweet girl.  Her pedigree is filled with an ancestry of Champions!  Her paws are huge but she walks through the house as if she were a gentle 10 lb poodle!  When Zala is not running through the yard with her best friend Tisza, she can be found in our small pond, enjoying the water.   


Zala_face.jpeg  Zala_standing2.jpeg
Zala was awarded the "Most Promising Puppy" by the judges
at the National Dog Show in Europe!
 Description  Genetic Health Test Results
 Breed:  Bernese Mountain Dog  Hips:  OFA Good
 Color:  Tri-colored  Elbows:  OFA Normal
 Weight:  93 lbs  Eyes:  OFA Clear
Height:  24 inches at the shoulders  


Dam: Tisza 

Named after the Tisza River, the longest river in Hungary.
After searching for the perfect dog for almost a year, River Doodles imported our Bernese Mountain Dog, Tisza directly from Hungary!  This sweet, gentle giant is everything we had hoped for and comes from champion bloodlines.  Since she is too big to be a lap dog, she just lays her head in your lap.  Tisza is also very playful but cautiously aware of her size and just has a fun personality.  But don't let her goofiness fool you, this beauty won Best in the Baby Class in Hungary!  


039.jpeg 049.jpeg
 Description  Genetic Health Test Results

 Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

 Hips: OFA Good
 Color: Tri-colored  Elbows: OFA Normal
 Weight: 80 lbs  Cerf: Clear
 Height: 24 inches at the shoulders  

Sire: Archie

Archie lives with his loving Guardian Family.  They waited along time for this little boy and couldn't be happier, and neither can we!  Archie is a beautiful, like apricot English goldendoodle and carries for chocolate and parti too!  What more could we want in the future father to our puppies!

Archie_sitting_closeup.jpeg   Archie_laying.jpeg  ArchiesFamily.jpeg
 Description  Genetic Health Tests Results  
 Breed:  F1b English Goldendoodle  Hips:  OFA Fair  
 Color:   Light Apricot  Elbows:  OFA Normal  
Weight: 30 lbs   CERF: Clear  
Height: 18 inches at the shoulders     


Sire: Easton

Easton lives with his wonderful Guardian Family and is smothered with love every minute of the day by their 4 children.  

 Easton_resized.jpeg   019.jpegGuardian_Family.jpg
Description Genetic Health Test Results  
Breed:     F1b Mini Goldendoodle Hips: OFA Fair    
Color:      Red  Elbows: OFA Normal    
Weight:   30 lbs CERF: Clear     

Height:    15 inches at the shoulders


Sire: Country Red Cracker Jack (aka Ace)

Ace is co-owned with Faithful Doodles.  We looked for a long time to find our perfect red poodle and finally found our boy!  Ace's deep red coat is stunning and his pedigree is even more impressive!  This boy knows he's a charmer and he gracefully prances around and is sweet as can be! Ace has passed all his health testing and even carries for chocolate.    
 Ace_standing2.jpg  Ace_face2.jpeg    


Genetic Health Test Results

Breed: Small Standard Poodle Hips: PennHip 90%; OFA Good    
Color:  Red Elbows: OFA Normal    
Weight: 40 lbs CERF:  Clear    
Height:  22 inches at the shoulders bbee= carries for cream/apricot/ red & chocolate too!    

Future Sire: Slater


Slater lives with his family in Trabuco Canyon.  He leads a very active life keeping up with a busy mom and her 3 kids.  Slater is such a smart, beautiful poodle!  He will be a wonderful stud to our future benedoodle pupppies! 

 Breed: Standard poodle      
 Color:  Tri-colored phantom      
Weight:  60 lbs expected adult weight      
Height:  25 inches      






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